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Shirley Kerns, Pennington PA

Nebraska – 1st Dollar CLP Requirement Repealed

Shirley Kerns is an Insurance Regulatory Consultant with the law firm of Pennington, P.A.  If you are an insurer, provider, administrator or seller of service contracts, GAP waivers or other related ancillary F&I products, Shirley is your “go to” resource for valuable information and qualified services to help you establish and maintain a compliant program.

The regulation of these products, and the companies that offer them, varies from state to state.   Current information and active monitoring of statutes is critical to effectively competing in this industry.    You may find others who “dabble” in providing this type of regulatory consulting.  This is Shirley’s specialty.

Having been a regulator with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation for 20 years and a regulatory consultant for 15 years, Shirley has extensive experience on both sides of the “compliance table”. She offers a unique and organized approach to national licensing and compliance with a responsiveness to clients that is unmatched.



Phone: (850) 222-3533 ext. 136